Szervető-kalotaszegi pencil skirt - black Szervető-kalotaszegi pencil skirt - black Szervető-kalotaszegi pencil skirt - black

Szervető-kalotaszegi pencil skirt - black

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Pencil skirt, embroidered with traditional folk art motifs of a famous Hungarian folklore region located in Transylvania.


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material:  94% cotton 6% elastane

quality: I. class

made in Hungary

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cm S M L XL
lenght 39 40 45 47
waist 66 70 74 82


Folk art of Kalotaszeg:

Kalotaszeg is a Hungarian folklore region located in Transylvania and consists of 34 villages. Hungarian Kalotaszeg was annexed to Rumania in 1920 (Peace Treaty of Trianon). The folkart of this region is extraordinarily rich. They have several types of folk embroideries, but especially their mighty written embroideries are well known far beyond their borders.

Kalotaszeg embroidery is the most powerful and most serious of all Hungarian peasant-embroideries. These ancient embroidery designs have something solemn about them. Their monumental design and braid-like embroidery on crepe-linen distinguishes them from others.

The patterns of these free design embroideries are very divers. Stylized floral motives dominate, but designs with names such as sun, moon and star prove that the people of Kalotaszeg still follows ancient traditions by using astronomical shapes. Among the patterns we also find the tree of life, numerous shapes of the tulip and the rose. 




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  • + Szervető-kalotaszegi pencil skirt - black

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