Szervető-jazygia belt - blue

Szervető-jazygia belt - blue

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Belt, embroidered with traditional motifs of the northem part of the Great Hungarian Plain.


Belt size

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material: textile leather

quality: I. class

made in Hungary

Belt size chart*
cm S M L XL
length: 61 69 77 83
width: 8 8 8 8

*You can make it bigger with the straps on the back.

These nice flowers are traditional embroidery motifs of the northem part of the Great Hungarian Plain, that is also known as Jazyga, named after the last ancient Indo-Iranian people who moved into the Carpathian Basin in the 13th century. They have preserved their cultural identity until the present day. The ornamentation displayed tendrils and flowers, which are typical of nomadic cultures. From the Middle Ages this was mainly used by furriers for decorating jackets and other outerwears.


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