Turul bird of Rakamaz T-shirt - black Turul bird of Rakamaz T-shirt - black Turul bird of Rakamaz T-shirt - black

Turul bird of Rakamaz T-shirt - black

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T-shirt, embroidered with the image of the Turul bird, the miraculous animal of the ancient Hungarian myths.


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material: 100% cotton

quality: I. class

made in Hungary

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The mythical Turul:

The Turul bird was the most important mythical animal of the ancient Hungarians. In the legend, Emese, the wife of the chief, was impregnated by a turul bird. The turul appeared to her in a dream and told her that from her womb a great river would begin, and flow out over strange lands. This meant that she would give birth to a son who would lead his people out of their former home, and that her descendants would be glorious kings. Emese's son was named Álmos, what means "the Dreamt One". This motif is based on a hair braid omament, a small golden disk, which were found in the town of Rakamaz.

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Váradi-Szabó Annamária
Baranyi Márk
Stadlerné Komáromi Marianna
Ujlaki György
Kényelmes,gyönyörű hímzés.A magyarok legszebb madara.Nagyon tetszik.
Tamás Dobi
Nagyon patent! VHK motivumot szívesen vennék😉
Szalai Ágnes
Mind anyagában,mind mintázatában tökéletesnek minősítem a szervető-rakamazi turul pólót, párom kedvenc viselete lett!
Sárközi Szilvia