Wonder stag T-shirt - beige Wonder stag T-shirt - beige Wonder stag T-shirt - beige

Wonder stag T-shirt - beige

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T-shirt, embroidered with the wonder stag, the miraculous animal of the ancient Hungarian myths.


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material: 100% cotton

quality: I. class

made in Hungary

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The Hungarian Legend of the Wondrous Stag is one of the oldest legends of the nation. It is so old that it is found in various forms among those nations who were the distant relatives or neighbors of the Hungarians, long before their settlement in Hungary. The meaning and the wording of the legends may have changed slightly but they all have much in common. Today the remaining legend is relatively short, whereas in the past it was probably much more extensive. However the Hungarian legend despite it's brevity includes in it many important points some of which can be found in most of the related legends found in other cultures. It is these points which show that once, in the remote antiquity, these people were neighbors or some were even related.

The symbol of the cosmos and the mother of the sun was symbolized as a large horned female doe. The great horned doe often was shown carrying the sun in her horns, in some cases the sun itself was symbolized as a stag the son of the doe of the legend.

The hind represents not the sun, but it's mother, the heavenly firmament, the cosmos, which carries the stars, the sun and the moon in it's "horns". For these reasons the Scythian stags often represented the horns of the stag like flames.

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Szentváryné Pesti Orsolya
Szép póló. A varrás, a hímzés és maga az anyag is jó minőségű.
Molnár Beáta
Páromnak rendeltem ezt a pólót. Jó nedvszívó, kényelmes viselet, a hímzés gyönyörű. Nagyon szereti viselni.
Réti Gyula
Hámori Viktor