Solar cross O-neck T-shirt - navy blue

Solar cross O-neck T-shirt - navy blue

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T-shirt, embroidered with the solar cross, which is an ancestral symbol according to the ancient Hungarian shamanistic belief.


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material: 100% cotton

quality: I. class

made in Hungary

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Solar cross

According to the ancient Hungarian shamanistic beliefs the Sun was known as a living organism, which gives life to all of us. The cross is an ancestral symbol in most cultures. Around the eguilateral cross a regular circle can be drawn, which indicates the movement of the Earth around the Sun. It is also symbolises the unit and the original perfection. The falcons and the tulips are traditional hungarian symbols, that you can find often even on the 10th century archaeological finds.

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Revák-Jaczkó Fruzsina
Kiss Erika
Baranyi Márk
Baranyainé Rácz Mónika
Mivel nekem már van ilyen mintájú pólóm, most a férjemet ajándékozom meg vele, hogy egyforma pólónk legyen. :-) Én az összes megvásárolt termékkel elégedett vagyok! <3
Nagy Alexandra