Szervető-puszta-five T-shirt - brown Szervető-puszta-five T-shirt - brown

Szervető-puszta-five T-shirt - brown

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T-shirt, painted with a shematic image of a breathtaking Hungarian stunt.



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material: 100% cotton

quality: I. class

made in Hungary


The Great Hungarian Plain has particularly strong traditions when it comes to breathtaking stunts, so the area around Hortobágy and Kiskunság you can see what the Hungarian wranglers (called csikós) have up their sleeves – they can complete the so-called Puszta-five, riding five horses at once while standing on their bare backs. It is one of the most difficult stunts.

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Krisztián Horváth
Nagyon jó minőségű póló. Büszkén fogja hordani a fiam az oviba.