Lifetree-palmette adventurer bag - denim

Lifetree-palmette adventurer bag - denim

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Adventurer bag, embroidered with one of the most ancient sacred symbols of the Hungarian folk art.



material: 100% denim

quality: I. class

made in Hungary


Bag size chart
height: 33 cm
length: 25 cm
width: min. 6 cm
strap maximum length:  ca. 145 cm


The tree of life (palmette)

The tree of life is one of the most ancient sacred symbols of the Hungarian folk art. Also known as the world tree, because it is a complete symbol group, that you can find in many ancient shamanistic cultures. It symbolizes the organizing principle of the universe. The leaves of the tree are the celestial spheres, the tree trunk is the terrestrial sphere that is the visible world and the tree roots are the underworld or the world of the ghosts.

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