Szervető-buzsáki hearts trapeze bag - blue

Szervető-buzsáki hearts trapeze bag - blue

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Textile leather bag, embroidered with traditional folk art motifs of southwest Hungary.



material: textile leather

quality: I. class

made in Hungary


Bag size chart
height: 42 cm


felül: 45 cm
alul: 32 cm
Diameter of the strap:  ca. 35 cm


These nice flowers and symbols are traditional embroidery motifs of a small village of southwest Hungary, called Buzsák, where many nationalities live together and therefore very rich in folk culture. The village is more than 500 years old, with flourishing heritage of folklore, architectural traditions. After the Turkish Wars in Hungary (bw. 1526–1686) over Hungarians several Dalmatian, Illirian, Croatian families settled in the village and the traditions were synthesised.  Three types of traditional needleworks with blue, black, and red threads are popular. They can be seen in the Folklore Museum of the village.

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