Szervető-matyó beauty case - nacreous Szervető-matyó beauty case - nacreous

Szervető-matyó beauty case - nacreous

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Beauty case, embroidered with traditional folk art motifs of northeast Hungary.


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material: textile leather

quality: I. class

made in Hungary


With a zipper on the top.


Beauty case size chart
height: 15 cm
length: 22 cm
width: min. 5 cm


These nice flowers are traditional embroidery motifs of northeast Hungary. They are on the UNESCO lists of intangible cultural heritage. Each color has a meaning: black is the life-giving earth, red is the happiness, yellow is the summer and the sun, blue is the grief. The green on the clothes appeared after the first world war as a color of mourning. The falcon, in the middle of the flowers, is an ancient Hungarian symbol, that you can find often on the 10th-century archaeological finds.


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